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How I Can Help

My office is ready to fight for you in court! Attorney Mitchell Frank has been practicing law in Florida for over 20 years. As a former prosecutor and private defense attorney he has handled tens of thousands of traffic and driving related offenses.

Points against your driver’s license will most likely cause your insurance rates to increase and the Department of Motor Vehicles can use these points against you for a potential suspension of your driver license. Attending traffic school may not be your best alternative to handling your ticket. Traffic school takes up your valuable time and you will be forced to “use up” one of your lifetime elections. You may have a much better alternative.

By hiring his office, Mitchell Frank, who is an experienced former prosecutor will plead not guilty on your behalf and attempt to get your case dismissed, the points eliminated, your fine reduced and eliminate the need for you to attend traffic school.

You are innocent until proven guilty! If your citation was filled out incorrectly by the police officer, or if there is any material defect, your ticket could get DISMISSED! Additionally, you have an absolute right to make the witnesses (law enforcement and civilian) appear in Court and prove the case against you. If they fail to appear, your ticket may be DISMISSED! If they do appear, we will make sure that their testimony is sufficient enough to justify the ticket. In that case, we will negotiate a resolution that results in NO POINTS or we will return 100% of all your legal fees (excluding court costs, if any).

Starting at just $69.00 you get an experienced attorney to defend you in Court. Thousands of people have hired us over the years. We hope you will give us the opportunity to represent you.


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