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How to Hire Us

All you have to do to have us handle your traffic ticket is:

Step 1: Contact my office at (954) 476-5650, (305) 222-8878 or (800) 980-5650 to speak to an attorney immediately or fill out the contact form located at the right of this paragraph and an attorney will contact you. Either way, an attorney will discuss your case with you and advise you of the cost to represent you. You can then come to our office or pay by credit card or check card over the phone. It’s that easy! No Bait and Switch – the price we charge for most traffic infractions is $69.00 Criminal violations may be higher.

Step 2: Relax! In most cases you do not have to attend court. An attorney will attend court on your behalf.

Step 3: Upon completion of your case, our office will send you a letter detailing the outcome of your ticket.

Call our office immediately upon receiving your ticket – don’t wait!

Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket and simply paying the fine indicated on the citation means you are agreeing to the maximum fine and a conviction that may add points to your public DMV record for a period of at least three years. You can only receive a certain number of points on your driver’s license before you get suspended and each time you pay a traffic ticket you are effectively pleading guilty to the offense and allowing the state to add points to your driving record. The accumulation of points mover you closer to losing your license, as well as increasing your insurance rates. Failure to pay a traffic ticket and/or appear in court to resolve a ticket most often results in the suspension of your license or a warrant for your arrest.


Free Consultation For Speeding Citations in Broward. Quick Response time Via Email

Call 954.476.5650 or 1-800-980-5650 to get a free consultation, for any Speeding Ticket, Suspended License, Traffic Ticket in Broward or if you prefer, use the quick form below and get a response within 24 hours -including weekends, holidays, and evenings!



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