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Have The Experience Of A Former Assistant State Attorney:
Mitchell Frank is a Fort Lauderdale Traffic Ticket Attorney that can help get your Traffic violation dismissed. He has over 26 years of Fighting Traffic Tickets and his Traffic Ticket Firm covers all traffic courts in Broward County. He can defend any traffic violation, Speeding Ticket, Suspended License, DUI and all Traffic Tickets.

Why Hire US?
Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket and simply paying the fine indicated on the citation means you are agreeing to the maximum fine and a conviction that may add points to your public DMV record for a period of at least three years. You can only receive a certain number of points on your driver’s license before you get suspended and each time you pay a traffic ticket you are effectively pleading guilty to the offense and allowing the state to add points to your driving record. The accumulation of points mover you closer to losing your license, as well as increasing your insurance rates. Failure to pay a traffic ticket and/or appear in court to resolve a ticket most often results in the suspension of your license or a warrant for your arrest. READ MORE

How We Can Help?
You are innocent until proven guilty! If your citation was filled out incorrectly by the police officer, or if there is any material defect, your ticket could get DISMISSED! Additionally, you have an absolute right to make the witnesses (law enforcement and civilian) appear in Court and prove the case against you. If they fail to appear, your ticket may be DISMISSED! If they do appear, we will make sure that their testimony is sufficient enough to justify the ticket. In that case, we will negotiate a resolution that results in NO POINTS or we will return 100% of all your legal fees (excluding court costs, if any). READ MORE

How to Hire Us?
Contact my office at (954) 476-5650, (305) 222-8878 or (800) 980-5650 to speak to an attorney immediately or fill out the contact form located at the right of this paragraph and an attorney will contact you. Either way, an attorney will discuss your case with you and advise you of the cost to represent you. You can then come to our office or pay by credit card or check card over the phone. It’s that easy! No Bait and Switch – the price we charge for most traffic infractions is $69.00 Criminal violations may be higher. READ MORE

Suspended Licenses Fort Lauderdale
Suspended licenses can occur several different ways. By failing to pay a fine, failing to attend a court hearing, accumulating too many points on your driver license or simply for allowing your automobile insurance to lapse. Whatever the reason, our office is prepared to discuss how you can get your driver license back. READ MORE

Bench Warrants
When you are ordered to appear in court by a legal document or a judge, you must appear. If you fail to appear, a judge can sign a bench warrant asking for your immediate arrest by the police. Police officers may come to your home or workplace, but usually you are arrested after being stopped again for a new traffic offense. When the officer checks your name and the status of your driver license he will determine that there is a warrant for your arrest and you must be taken into custody. READ MORE

Speeding Tickets Fort Lauderdale
Although speeding tickets usually carry the largest fines of all tickets, they also tend to be the most likely ticket to get dismissed when you have an experienced traffic attorney handling your case. The reason for this is that the police officer must use some sort of speed measuring device to monitor your speed. It can be a pace clock, radar gun or laser gun. The law requires that all of these speed measuring devices be accurately calibrated before they can be used. If the device is not calibrated and maintained properly its use may be disallowed by the judge hearing your case. It is best to have an experienced traffic attorney who is familiar with all of these devices and the rules and regulations that must be followed for them to be used accurately. The attorney will point out to the judge any mistakes or omissions that were made by the police officer and your speeding ticket is much more likely to be dismissed. The rules and regulations that govern these devices sometimes change and, of course, it would be difficult for a person representing himself to be aware of any of these changes, let alone the rules themselves. READ MORE

Traffic Tickets & Non-Speeding Tickets
Besides speeding tickets, there are other violations which can add points to your driver license and in some cases may carry more points than a speeding ticket. It is therefore important to have an experienced traffic attorney represent you on these tickets also. Here’s just some of the many tickets, other than speeding, with which you can be charged, Careless Driving, Reckless Driving, Sunpass Violations, & HOV Violations. READ MORE

Criminal Traffic Violations
There is a difference between a civil traffic infraction and a criminal traffic infraction. A criminal citation in Florida carries a jail sentence under Florida Statutes. It is imperative to hire an experienced traffic attorney to protect your rights. Our law firm defends clients vigorously against any criminal traffic violations. We have the experience, knowledge and determination to develop a strong defense. Our goal is to minimize the consequences of a criminal traffic offense so you can retain your license. READ MORE

Point System
Florida Violations Point Penalties

In Florida, pleading guilty to a moving violation can result in points being added to your driving record. Points have a way of adding up and unless you take action to reduce your points or avoid having points added, they can have a negative affect on your life and lifestyle.

If your points reach a certain level during any given period, your insurance premiums will increase. If you receive 12 points within 12 months, your driver license will be suspended for 30 days. If you receive 18 points within an 18 month period, your driver license will be suspended for 3 months. If you receive 24 points in a 36 month period your license will be suspended for an entire year. READ MORE

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